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Design of Mirai Convenience Store

  1. 1

    Origin of name and logo design

    Under the theme of “a convenience store for children”, Mirai Convenience Store was built as a place to cultivate children by offering diverse learning opportunities and experiences.
    Mirai, the Japanese word for “future”, is taken from the words of manga artist Osamu Tezuka: “children are people from the future”.
    The logo, designed with a combination of radially extending lines, is based on the motif of light shining into the future.

  2. 2

    Designed to meld with nature like a yuzu field

    Kito continues to grow based on the central tenet of “coexistence with nature”.
    This was one source of inspiration for Mirai Convenience Store’s architectural concept.

    Kito Yuzu, Japan’s finest yuzu and the pride of Kito.
    The yellow Y-shaped pillars in the store recall the image of a yuzu field, and the shelves displaying products were designed to be lower than those in typical convenience stores, making them easier for children to reach.

    The exterior sports glass windows that showcase the inside of the store.
    You can observe visitors lounging at the cafe, people shopping, and staff going about their work.
    Its wide horizontal design differs from the Western depth-based perspective, inspired by Japanese dry gardens in traditional paintings where the landscape can be viewed by shifting one’s gaze from side to side. It is designed to coordinate with the backdrop behind the store.

    At night, the star-strewn sky overhead harmonizes with the structure.

  3. 3

    Birth of the digital clock

    The digital clock was conceived as a device to symbolize all moments of time: the past, present, and future.
    As well as the time, it displays symbols of Kito such as flowing rivers, rain, and starry skies; messages such as “YUZU”, “HOPE”, and “LOVE”; and light shows for events such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

    Passing drivers, bikers, domestic visitors, and the like often take commemorative photos with the building in the background.
    With every photo, that fleeting moment of time is engraved with the memory of Kito.
    Time will continue its relentless march alongside the digital clock.

  4. 4

    Coexistence with nature

    Protecting everyday life and linking people and lives to the future within mother nature.
    The people, mountains, rivers, sky, stars, and yuzu of Kito awaken our warm yet distant memories.
    Hearts brimming with love for Kito; genial residents nurtured in the bosom of nature.

    We will continue to polish these treasures, cherish our harmony with nature, and develop our “Village of Miracles” that brings happiness to its inhabitants and visitors.
    Meanwhile, with a constant commitment to creativity, Mirai Convenience Store will continue to discover and develop for both local residents and all people of the world.”