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The World’s Most Beautiful Convenience Store

Kito District, Naka-cho, Tokushima Prefecture.
In a village of 1,000 inhabitants emerged“The World’s Most Beautiful Convenience Store”.

A place to foster the dreams of children.
Mirai Convenience Store was conceived to create bonds between people and within the community, and to bring a smile to every face.

Mirai Convenience Store

"Mirai Convenience Store", which was born from the concept of
“the world's most beautiful convenience store”,
has won 11 prestigious international design awards.

One of the world’s three most renowned
design awards

One of Japan’s top space design awards KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2021 “KUKAN OF THE YEAR”
Shop Space“GOLD”

reddot winner 2021 best of the best


3 Concepts of Mirai Convenience Store

  • “The World’sMost BeautifulConvenience Store”

    An architectural beauty in harmony with nature, “The World’s Most Beautiful Convenience Store” was born under a starry night sky, amidst lush mountains and clear streams.

  • “For Children, Our Future Generation”

    Dedication to the children who will lead the future of Kito.
    We hope to foster the next generation by exposing them to diverse cultures and walks of life, inspiring them to shape the future.

  • “For the Community’sHappiness”

    We support life in Kito.
    Our goal is to brighten the face of every resident by helping them enjoy life in this village.

STAFF Meet Our Store Staff

Colleagues from all walks of life work at Mirai Convenience Store.
One is a former barista of an urban cafe, and another came to Kito with an interest in antique farming tools.
Yet another colleague is former school teacher, as well as one who loves making sweets.
Everyone shares a love for Kito and the bond of camaraderie.
Our team will strive to bring even more excitement to Kito and add joy to the lives of every visitor.

  • Store ManagerYoshifumi Obata

    Kito resident:since April 2020
    Hobbies:Doing nothing, going on walks, photography, coffee
    What I like about Kito:The scenery

    Yoshifumi Obata

  • Mirai Convenience Store Part-time Employee & Guest House Project StaffErina Oka

    Kito resident:since February 2020
    Hobbies:Looking for adorable seniors, going on walks
    What I like about Kito:I like the village above my house. I often go there when I want to refresh my mood.

    Erina Oka

  • Ueta

    Kito resident:since Dec. 2021
    What I like about Kito:Beautiful starry sky and transparent river


  • Part-time EmployeeRumiko Tani

    Kito resident:for 30(!) years
    Hobbies:Watching comedy shows!!
    What I like about Kito:Its beautiful rivers, frigid winters, and unique residents

    Rumiko Tani

  • Part-time EmployeeHono-chan

    Kito resident:for 11 years
    Hobbies:Drives, playing with pets
    What I like about Kito:The abundant nature in all four seasons and the clean air.
    I especially like the night sky.


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LOCATION What kind of place is Kito?

Kito District, Tokushima, the Home of Mirai Convenience Store

Mirai Convenience Store is located in Kito, Naka-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, a mountain village on the border between Tokushima and Kochi prefectures.

Home to 1,000 residents and abundant in nature, it is known as “The Tibet of Shikoku”.

We wish to create a space overflowing with nature and joy in all lives that Kito touches, from children and the elderly to visiting travelers.

With the nearest supermarket an hour’s drive away, Mirai Convenience Store has become a vital lifeline for Kito that shapes the village’s future.

Company Profile


By founding an establishment that will lead the future, we aim to become a new foundation for our hometown to revitalize industry, promote tourism and resettlement, and launch creative businesses.

Mirai Convenience Store, along with “KITO DESIGN HOLDINGS”, is a member of KITO DESIGN PROJECT.


  • 黄金の村
  • 未来コンビニ
  • 柚子カフェ YUZUCAFE
  • Yuzucafe Kitchen
  • 柚子の木
  • Cellar Fete


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